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How to choose the perfect floor lamp

Thanks to their impressive aesthetics and ability to alter the lighting situation in any living space, floor lamps make a wonderful addition to a variety of rooms throughout the modern home with elegant furniture. Despite their incredible attributes, however, knowing how to choose the perfect floor lamp is a far from simple task.


There are several key factors to consider including budget, personal tastes, and how different floor lamp decor ideas suit various rooms and interior design concepts. 


Floor lamp location and placement


When considering how to choose the perfect floor lamp for your home, the first step is to consider where it will be placed. Living room floor lamps are no longer the only solution, and you may want to purchase bathroom, hallway, or bedroom floor lamps too. 


The location will have a huge influence on the aesthetic that you are hoping to achieve. While a bathroom floor lamp may be used to create calming vibes for a relaxing bath, living room lighting floor lamps may be needed for their much-needed illumination. 


As well as finding a floor lamp that meets the functional needs of the chosen room, you’ll need to consider aesthetic elements. So, the placement within a room is also vital. One that’s placed in the corner only needs directional lighting rather than 360-degree coverage.


Floor lamp types


A floor lamp is simply defined as a freestanding light as opposed to a table lamp or ceiling light. In most cases, the unit will have a sturdy base and a long stem that moves up to the light itself. However, there are several subcategories to consider when looking at how to choose the perfect floor lamps for your home. The types of floor lights you must know are detailed below.


Ambient floor lamps


 Ambient Floor Lamp

Ambient floor lamps are the most common type of floor lights and can be thought of as a larger version of what a table lamp would provide. They are used to illuminate the room with 360-degree coverage and usually feature a light covered by a lampshade.


They are a versatile solution, allowing you to find designs suited to the bedrooms, where they can accentuate the stunning hotel linen set, with a king pillow and queen pillow combination. This is the setup in most high-end hotels – lamps are a perfect finishing touch, tying the whole room together. But it’s not just bedrooms, ambient lighting work just as well in a lounge, dining room, or conservatory.


The white Sully floor lamp highlights how living room floor lamps can be placed next to a sofa and provide a table ledge for resting coffee cups or small items. 


The style of the base, stem, lampshade, and additional features can vary greatly from one ambient floor lamp to the next.


Arc floor lamps


Arc floor lamps have become an increasingly popular solution due to their versatility. Unlike stationary floor lamps, the arc takes its name from the fact it features an adjustable stem that can be moved in an arc so that the beam of light can be directed to where it’s needed The light offered is more akin to a reading lamp than the illumination of an ambient floor lamp, but with functional flexibility, Arc floor lamps can be used in a range of commercial settings like salons, but products like the Zahara floor lamp highlight sleek designs for the home.


Arc floor lamps can be ideal for living rooms, creating versatile lighting scenarios during the evenings. Conservatories and home offices can use them too.


Reading floor lamps


 Reading Floor Lamp


Reading floor lamps provide a similar style of illumination as the arc floor lamps, in that the beam of light is directed at a localised area to aid the user without impacting the atmosphere in the rest of the room. The gold Marlin floor lamp makes an exceptional option for an office or home library that already uses gold features against dark blue or dark wood backdrops. The reading floor lamps are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, providing a standout feature in any living space.


It is also a particularly good option for the bedroom, especially as an alternative to requiring a bulky bedside table and table lamp.


Uplight floor lamps


Uplight floor lamps feature an upwards facing lampshade. This could come from very low ion the stem, creating an accentuation vertical beam that looks great in hallways or in the corners of dining rooms. The illumination is far less than an ambient light, even when the light is aimed towards the ceiling and these items are primarily a decorative feature rather than functional. In truth, it is an option that you may see more frequently in commercial reception areas and hallways.


Nonetheless, when used effectively, uplight floor lamps can bring luxurious vibes to the modern home.


Floor lamp styles


Finding a floor lamp type that can provide the function you require is one thing, but choosing a style that compliments the look of a room is another altogether. It is imperative to consider the room that it is going in, as well as the materials and colour schemes of this living space. 


Floor lamps are available in a variety of materials. The brass Zara floor lamp could look great in a bathroom that has brass features, particularly as its slender shape will not dwarf the room. Choosing metals and other natural materials is naturally an advantage over plastics when looking to promote an eco-friendly atmosphere. Besides, they provide the elegance and luxury you deserve - as well as durability.


In addition to the materials, you’ll need to consider the design. A quirky design would look great in a contemporary living space that uses bold colours to add character to neutral walls and flooring. Conversely, products like the retro free floor lamp works exceptionally well for a traditional living space or office, particularly when paired with glass tables. 


Floor lamps can grab the attention as a statement piece, but it’s important to avoid completely alienating the rest of the room. 


Other factors to consider  

White Elegante Floor Lamp

The above advice should significantly narrow your search for the perfect floor lamp. Nevertheless, there are several other features that can influence your decision, such as;


  • Cost - Aside from respecting your budget, you need to know that you are getting value for money. Elegante works exclusively with products that have quality designs and are manufactured with premium materials. 
  • Height - When the lamp is taller, the light will illuminate a larger area, which is ideal for ambient lighting but not great for reading lights where you want a more focused light. Finding the balance between spread and strength is key.
  • Surroundings - Knowing where the light will be placed in the room is vital. An Abstract floor lamp would look great near a feature wall of gallery canvas art, for example. Matching the light to the design of the room is vital.
  • Bulbs - Finally, you should consider the bulbs. In addition to understanding the contrasts between LED and incandescent lights, you can think about different colours. A blue light, for example, can bring a cooling vibe.


When you take those additional features into account, alongside the style and type, the addition of a modern floor lamp will transform your home for the better. If you still need help finding the perfect solution, call Elegante’s team of friendly advisors. 



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