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Find a stylish long console table


Decorating the hallway is a notoriously difficult challenge, especially when you have limited space to work with. However, a long console table can provide the perfect solution by pairing function with style to provide this part of the home with added beauty, practicality, and elegance.


With so many wonderful modern designs on the market, you can find a stylish long console table to suit virtually any hallway regardless of its shape and dimensions – whether your entire house is filled with luxury home furniture or more modest alternatives. While there are several features to consider, the following questions can help guide you towards the perfect addition for your home hallway.


What do I want the long console table to do?

 Long Black Console Table

Long console tables have been used in luxury homes for several years, and they can improve the hallway in several key ways. They are as instrumental to a hallway as high-quality sheets are for a bedroom, like InterContinental bedding with a king pillow and queen pillow set. But it’s a bit more complicated for hallways than that.


To find the right product for your home, it’s important to understand exactly what you are looking for in a hallway console table as this will give you the best shot at selecting one that’s aligned with your needs. The most common objectives include;


  • Create a standout style and add fresh energy to the room,
  • Add aesthetic appeal to the hallway spaces by matching existing features,
  • Provide a table surface for decor, candles, or other homely items,
  • Offer extra storage for books, magazines, and more,


The truth is that you’ll probably want a modern long console table that can do all of the above. Still, it’s important to create a prioritised list. When you need storage, for example, the Plantation console table is an ideal solution. Either way, knowing what you want from the table will help guide you to a convenient purchase that turns your vision into reality.


What materials are best for a hallway console table?


Whether looking at a 2m long console table or any piece of furniture for the hallway, the material choices are a key ingredient in the recipe for success. Premium materials that are built to last will ensure that you gain value for money. However, it’s also important to consider whether the console table matches the materials of other hallway features, as well as any preference you may have for natural products. Popular options are;


  • Wood console table,
  • Mirrored console table,
  • Gold console table or other metal,
  • Stone or marble console table.


Material choices will influence the cost, weight, and functional properties of the hallway console table. The Soloman console table, for example, is great when you already have a contemporary hallway style with white wood stairway banisters or shelving. It’ll also work perfectly with plants, wallpaper depicting nature, and other eco-friendly touches.


What colour and style of hallway console table is best for my home?

 Wooden Long Console Table


Material choices will sometimes dictate what colour and style your long hallway console table will be. However, most of the modern solutions offer the flexibility of several design choices. There is no single right or wrong solution, except the one that works for you. Nonetheless, you should make yourself aware of the possibilities. Here are some styles that you may wish to consider;


  • A white marble table in a modern light hallway can make spaces look bigger,
  • A black console table in a stylish dark hallway can add elegance,
  • An oak long hallway console table can celebrate earthy tones and natural decor,
  • A glass console table can provide function without impacting a compact hallway.


When styling the hallway, you’ll need to consider the flooring too. The darker wood of the Blaine Oak console table can offer a brilliant contrast from a lighter wood or stone flooring. This standout feature can bring fresh energy to the room, taking the sense of luxury to a whole new level. 


Just how long should my hallway console table be?


As well as the style and colour, you’ll need to consider the length of the furniture piece. It is possible to buy an extra long console table with storage, an extra long narrow console table, or a standard long console table. Thinking about where the table will be located within the hallway is, therefore, an essential part of your planning. Some examples to consider are listed below;


  • Using an extra long narrow console table to run parallel to the staircase,
  • Choosing a wider console table under the hallway window ledge,
  • Fitting a console table that fits into the gap created by an alcove,
  • Finding a console table that’s the same length as overhead shelving.


The options are endless, but the design of your hallway console table must reflect your personal preferences and the character-defining features of the room, including its natural dimensions. Height is another key feature, with the 80cm tall Heston working very well when you have less floor space but high ceilings. Working with the room is crucial.


How can my long table console be enhanced?

Black Marble Console Table in Home


The console table is an important piece of furniture that can transform a hallway, especially when it feels a little bare. Smell storage drawers or shelves that are incorporated under the main table surface provide storage for private organisation. Meanwhile, handcrafted wood or marble tables ensure that your design is one-of-a-kind. It has a standard style but the unique marbling, for example, will be telling. Other key issues to consider are;


  • Could long table console decor or ornaments be used?
  • Can the table be matched with a pot plant in another part of the hallway?
  • Can canvas art or other wall decor work with the table for an enhanced look?
  • Could a living room coffee table match it to create consistency in the home?


Selecting the right style of long hallway table for your home, like this Ebony Marble console table that can be matched against velvet ottomans, will set you up nicely. However, the styling of accessories ranging from books and magazines to vases and ornaments can make a significant difference. When those elements are connected, it will create a greater appeal.


The final word


By now, you should have a good understanding of what a hallway console table can achieve for your home. To find out more and find the perfect product to enhance the look of your hallway, give our friendly team a call.



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