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Enhance your space with canvas wall art

Canvas wall art has become an increasingly popular trend in home design in recent years. While it is no longer reserved for luxury homes, it certainly promotes a luxurious vibe that’s guaranteed to unlock the potential of any modern home - a perfect match to an elegant home furniture set.


Better still, canvas wall art and wall prints can be used to brighten up any living space with a healthy dose of personality and flair. From creating a talking point in the living room to building a calming presence in the bedroom or dining room, wall art canvas prints can work wonders. Even a bare hallway can be turned from bland to grand with a single statement piece.


If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate canvas wall art Australia into your home, the following advice is just for you!


Appreciate the space you’re working with

Before thinking about the design you must first ensure that any artwork is suitably scaled to the room. Size matters - large canvas wall art can dwarf a small room with compact furniture choices while smaller pieces may fail to make an impact when displayed on a blank wall in a big room with minimalist touches.


While there’s no exact science to mastering the choice of canvas size, the rule of thumb is to avoid artwork that is bigger than the furniture it hangs above or behind. The 135cm2 Davenport Blues looks great on a wall behind a large sofa but would look out of place near a small armchair. Working with the surroundings of the room and its furniture is key.


In addition to the scale of the item, it’s important to select the right shape. A square piece can look great in living spaces on a main feature wall. If working with a long and narrow hallway, though, you’ll find a landscape is better. Conversely, when filling alcoves or similarly testing spaces, a portrait canvas painting or print will work better.

 Dotted Blue Art Piece

Consider the emotion of colour


Colour schemes set the tone of all living spaces and are the first thing you’ll notice (consciously or subconsciously) when stepping into a room. Understanding the meaning of each shade on the colour wheel will enable you to match the perfect design to any space. For example, red is a colour of passion while green evokes thoughts of nature.


Meanwhile, it should be noted that warm colours bring energy and vibrancy to the room, which is contrasted by the tranquillity and calmness of cooler colours. For example, this Singing the Blues wall decor piece is perfect for bringing peace to the bedroom, a bathroom, or even a home yoga studio.


The emotional reactions caused by colour will be influenced by all decor and furniture pieces, but a standout canvas wall print is often the most telling feature in the entire room. Whether used to match the tones seen in your furniture, cushions, and rugs or used as a direct contrast can also impact the energy in your home.

 Shades of Blue White on Black Canvas Art

Finding canvas wall art that reflects your personality


Practical choices are one thing, but true luxury comes from turning the house into a home too. Therefore, finding a wall art decor design that reflects your personal tastes is essential. Abstract canvas wall art can be particularly effective at creating a thought-provoking aesthetic and reflecting your love of high-class style.


Canvas wall art can also make depictions of items or concepts that remind you of things you love. The Kiss of Peace canvas print is great for bird lovers, especially if you have bird print cushions, curtains, or features. Both this style and abstract styles can bring bold flavours to any living room or dining space. It can become a focal point or blend with other items.


Personality can also be achieved through printed canvas art that turns photos (yours or from your favourite photographer) into a piece of art. Whether it’s a shot of your favourite location, a reprint from your baby’s professional photoshoot, or related to your love of music doesn’t matter. Stylish designs to recreate the vibe of famous movie posters work too – they offer a splash of colour, which can be a missing piece for a minimalist interior.


Art pieces like that are extremely versatile and can be easily integrated into less conventional spaces, like kitchens. Black kitchen stools and chairs with matching tables are a popular choice to create that slick, monochromatic look. But we see plenty of homeowners who prefer to go in the exact opposite direction – to build contrast with brighter hues, typically various shades of white. Both aesthetics provide a perfect background for your art piece.

 Birds and  Leaves Art Piece

Tell a story with multiple pieces


Luxury canvas wall art Australia has the ability to inject a sense of excitement into the home simply by telling a story. While this can be achieved with a single design, an even more powerful impact can be achieved by building the wall design with multiple pieces. Using multiple playful prints of animals, for example, can brighten up a child’s nursery.


Creating a gallery wall opens the door to a range of options. A grid of square-framed prints is one option. However, you could also build the look using different geometric shapes and styles. This can allow you to combine the Hanging in There design with a variety of other items. This could include canvas art of a similar artistic style or on a similar theme.


The gallery wall option is particularly popular in hallways and reception areas, especially when using smaller pieces. Alternatively, many homeowners use larger artworks to promote positive feelings of productivity in the home office space. The manner in which wall decor can impact a person’s mindset is truly one of their greatest attributes.


Feet Dangling Wall Art

Pick the right frames


Modern wall art can be used in many different ways to generate a sense of luxury. From subtle but classy line art or s on white backdrops to bold abstract canvas with energetic colours or depictions of beautiful horizons, the possibilities are endless. However, it’s equally important to think about the way you hang them as well as the border.


Even borderless wall decor art will bring a 3D element to the wall. Framed wall art can fit in nicely with the room. If a wood frame like the Fine & Mellow print matches the colour of shelves or bathroom towels, it can create a consistent and organised vibe. This modern styling can be used for painted frames as well as natural wood colours.


The thickness of the frame is another key feature, with bulky frames making a more dominant impact while thinner items allow the  of the artwork to stand out alone. Even when the frame only adds a subtle appeal, though, the way that they bring attention to the wall (or an item placed on a shelf) will enhance the overall appeal.

 Sand/Textured Wall Art Piece

The final word

Used correctly, canvas wall art transforms the home by enhancing the vibe of any room. If you still need inspiration for how to use them in your home, get in touch today!


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