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Hotel Linen & Luxury InterContinental Bedding

Enter the dreamland with style. Step into the realm of luxury bedding with the Eleganté collection. Redefine the very meaning of style and comfort with the finest sheets, covers, pillows and quilt sets.

Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, and designed for the ultimate relaxation, our hotel linen range is a testament to quality and sophistication. Transform your bedroom into a true haven of serenity with our bedding, where every night's rest is a luxurious escape.

Hotel experience at home – and we mean it, products from this selection are commonly used in luxury hotels across the globe, in Japan, Australia and more. Soft and firm pillows, covers and quilts in different sizes to answer the needs of all the queens and kings out there. Invest in a bespoke sleeping experience.

Building InterContinetal Hotel Bedding Experience at Home

When thinking about the best night’s sleep you ever got, the chances are that this was when you got to luxuriate in a plush hotel bed. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to stay in some of the world’s top hotels then you will know that there really is nothing better than when you stay in a hotel and get ready to jump into a bed that has been ready-made with pristine crisp white sheets. There really is nothing better than when you stay in a hotel and get ready to jump into a bed that has been ready-made with pristine crisp white sheets. Paired with perfectly plumped pillows and a duvet that created the optimum sleeping temperature, there really is nothing better.

You can relive the experiences you had at your 5* hotel at home, with the soft and inciting 300 thread count sheet set that will gift you that same experience of sinking into bed after a hard day. But this time at home. Our hotel bedding sets are designed to bring you a comfortable night’s sleep that will have you waking up fresh every morning. Made from 100% finest cotton and with luxury linings, these are the same products you would expect to sleep in at luxurious 5-star hotels across Australia. And of course, if you’re going to update your bed to give you the feeling of 5* hotel room luxury night after night, why not check out our range of hotel-inspired bed heads, too? Because you deserve to indulge and treat yourself with the gift of a good night’s sleep night after night.

Need some advice? Read our full guide to creating the perfect hotel bed at home.

Quality Materials

The secret behind the level of comfort and timeless style this InterContinental hotel bedding line offers lies in the quality of materials used for their production. Breathable, yet cosy. The combination of natural goose down and goose feathers wrapped in cotton covers ensures your body always has the best environment to relax and regenerate, thanks to unbelievable feel and thermoregulation qualities. Warm enough in the winter, not too warm in the summer – a foolproof recipe for the perfect night’s sleep. They’re also incredibly durable, water-proof and stain-resistant, thanks to a special treatment process.

Hotel-like Comfort

All that makes for a true hotel experience – now available at your fingertips thanks to Eleganté. The quality, craftsmanship and level of comfort that comes with it were appreciated by the leading experts in the hospitality business – that’s why it’s a staple of any room in the renowned 5-Star InterContinental hotels and resorts in Japan, Asia and Australia. Elevate your standards and treat yourself to a 5-star relaxation and rest – every single night of your life.

Universal & Timeless

Quality is a huge factor – there’s no denying it. But if your intention is to make your guests feel really special, you have to make sure everything is coordinated in perfect harmony to enhance the luxurious feel of the entire experience. With crisp white or subtle grey stripes, these elegant covers are made exclusively from durable, natural materials. They are simple enough to effortlessly fit into any space and at the same time – elegant enough to elevate it. In the end, they’re featured in glamorous hotels around the globe for a reason. Classic, timeless design and quality that’s hard to beat.

Ask Eleganté

Our InterContinental top sheets are available in two sizes – King size and Queen size. The first one is 300cm x 280cm, while the other - 250cm x 300cm. In fact, all of the products from our bedding collection are available in these two sizes; the exact measurements obviously vary (specific information available on specific product pages).

All of the pillows, doesn’t matter if they’re firm or soft, a king pillow or a queen pillow - all are 100% natural, made with a combination of goose down and goose feathers in different proportions, depending on a specific model. See the Specifications section on the product page you’re interested in for more detailed information.

The sheets and covers featured in our InterContinental bedding range are made of 300TC cotton. It’s incredibly soft and, at the same time, very durable. Luxurious feel and next-level quality.

That’s a matter of personal preference, however, generally speaking, those who like to sleep on the side should opt for a firmer version. Back sleepers can use both, although the firm model is a bit better for neck support, while those who prefer sleeping lying on their stomach should go for a soft pillow to keep their heads in a natural position, close to the mattress.

That depends entirely on your needs and preferences, however, the 5-Star hotel bundle is the best value-for-money proposition since it includes four Intercontinental Hotel pillows and four pillowcases to match them, as well as fitted and flat bed sheets, topped off with a duvet and duvet cover. If that’s too much, you can always go for individual offers, like our king pillow or queen pillow.

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