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Enjoy a luxury hotel bed at home every single night

With their minibars and on-tap cleaning, hotels really can feel like a home away from home, and let’s be honest, hotel sleep is guaranteed to be some of the best you’ve ever had.


Unlike your hard-springed mattress and worn duvet, hotel beds just seem to have that special something that, like a cloud through blissful blue skies, sends you off into a sleep you can truly sink into.


The trouble is that, no matter how hard you try, you can never work out how to get a hotel bed at home. Is it the InterContinental hotel bedding? Is it the décor? Or is it just the fact you're paying for a luxurious retreat and go there to relax? Luckily, you don’t need to pay big bucks to sleep as well as you do when you’re away and to prove it.


We’re going to deep dive into the hotel bed secrets that can slot nicely into your very own bedroom.


Why is hotel bedding so comfortable?

Hotel experts are uniquely poised and incentivised to study comfort, meaning that they’re on the cutting edge of understanding good sleep and the best items necessary to facilitate that.


Hotel beds are also designed to withstand much heavier use than our at-home options, meaning that they and their sleep accessories ensure new-bed comfort every single night. A benefit that’s enhanced with the addition of mattress toppers, and freshly changed, high-quality sheets every day.


What duvet covers do hotels use?

Hotel duvet covers and the quality quilts within them are perhaps the main reason for the cloud-like feel of hotel beds, providing perfectly puffed comfort that ensures our bodies can breathe throughout the night.


Specifically on the cover front, cotton is best and should measure around 2 inches wider than the duvet itself, which should always have a feather base.


What type of sheets do hotels use?

Crisp bed sheets are another significant benefit of hotel sleep. Most notably, high-quality hotels will ditch the fitted sheet in place of two well-tucked cotton top sheets, perfect for easy-clean breathability and typically landing around the 300 thread count mark.


It’s this slightly elevated count mark that creates the soft-touch durability that none of us can resist, and that’s really where the cloud-like feeling of hotel sleep stems from.


What pillows are used in 5-star hotels?

Given the sheer amount of use they experience, hotel pillows need to be the best in the bunch. Forget hard compacted pillows like the ones you’ve got at home – comfort here is all about the best possible models for comfort that lasts.


In most cases, this means firm pillows that typically incorporate either goose down or a down alternative.


Remember, also, that hotel professionals are sleep experts, and they’re well aware of the fact that good sleep generally means using two pillows for side sleepers or one pillow for stomach sleepers.


As such, there’s always plenty of variation on offer to ensure the utmost comfort for every guest, typically including firm and soft options to cater for the widest possible range of personal preferences.


But can you imitate that at home? Where can you get a set of 5 star hotel pillows in Australia? Well, you’re right where you should be, as our store offers the exact same items found in the very best hotels around the globe. Grab yourself a king pillow and queen pillow mix, and experience rest and relaxation like never before.


soft or firm hotel pillows


Why do hotels use white bedding? 

You may have also noticed that most hotels use white bedding. This adds to the overall cloud-like feel of hotel beds and, let’s be honest, we’ve all thought about doing the same to trick our minds into replicating that comfort.


Well, you could well benefit from doing so, because white hotel bedding definitely isn’t an accident. There are a range of reasons for this colour palette, including easier cleaning, a crisper finish, and the general sensation of slipping into a cloudy cocoon every single night.


Intercontinental hotel bedding with Elegante

There’s no better way to enjoy a luxury hotel bed at home than buying the same bedding solutions as your favourite hotels. As a chosen distributor for 5-star InterContinental Hotels across Asia, Australia, and Fiji, we know exactly what makes hotel bedding stand above the crowd. Our InterContinental collection can bring that benefit directly into your home.


Our wide-ranging selection certainly covers all the bedding bases and includes fantastic hotel-quality products such as –



Our queen and king-sized quilts are 80% goose down and 20% goose feather for guaranteed breathable, cloud-like bedding all year round. When paired with our striped or feather white quilt covers, you could just as well be in a five-star hotel in Fiji for all the comfort you’ll enjoy.


striped quilt cover



Our sateen white sheet sets are guaranteed to provide that crisp fresh hotel feeling every time thanks to their 100% cotton and 300TC, which we promise is enough to rival any hotel sheets you could think of.



Our soft or firm ultra-comfortable pillows are 50% goose down and 50% goose feather, as well as incorporating 100% cotton casings for that soft-finished hotel feel.


The finishing touches

Let’s not forget about the most important thing – after all, it’s not all about elegant furniture. The beds are undeniably the best things about a hotel stay – this is where all the research comes in! That said, the wonderful little touches that tie the entire room together also help to encourage relaxation and make your life easier.


Notably, upholstered bed heads that you can lean back on, ensuring comfort even before your head hits the pillow. Twin sets of bedside tables are another essential, enabling storage at your fingertips that ensures you never need to move from your hotel-worthy bed once you sink into it.

Oh - and don't forget a beautiful table lamp to help ease you to sleep with soft lighting.

luxury aimee bedside table

Do you think this gorgeous Aimee Bedside Table would work well in your room?


Enjoy a luxury hotel bed at home with your bedding bundle

All of this can seem like a lot to get your head around, but replicating a luxury hotel bed at home really couldn’t be simpler. We prove precisely that with our hotel bedding bundles, which include:

  • 2 x firm pillows
  • 2 x soft pillows
  • 1 x king top sheet
  • 1 x king fitted sheet
  • 2 x plain pillowcases
  • 2 x stripe or feather pillowcases
  • 1 x duvet cover
  • 1 x duvet
  • 4 bonus pillow protectors

This is everything you could need for hotel-worthy comfort every single night, and it could all be yours for 35% off if you purchase our winning InterContinental hotel bundle today.

hotel bedding bundle


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