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Perfect bedside table decor & styling tips for a tranquil bedroom

If you were to pick one of the most under-appreciated furniture items in the home, it would probably be the bedside table. While not the focal point of your bedroom, a good night table can add so much to the interior space. 


That’s where its magic is – you don’t need a whole array of luxury home furniture to make your bedroom look great. Obviously, it’s not as important as quality sheets similar to hotel linen or a king pillow and queen pillow mix.


With a high-quality nightstand, you have something that can transform the style of your bedroom and accentuate the beauty of your bed.


The key is learning how to stage a bedside table so that it brings out the best in your bedroom. When you do this, you also improve bedroom functionality, as well as providing additional storage space.


So, our team has created a guide that will explain the perfect bedside table decor ideas and styling tips!


Use practical items for decoration

Everyone always wonders what to put on bedside cabinets. In truth, the possibilities are endless! However, you should think twice before you put any old thing on this table. Otherwise, you run the risk of cluttering it with junk that serves no purpose at all.


Think of it as you would of a kitchen décor – not much point in cluttering this mostly functional space. Sure, some accessories here and there are more than welcome, but a good set of modern kitchen stools should be pretty much enough to make it both stylish and functional. Stick to basics and convenience.


So, consider practical items that can also be used as decorations. A lovely table lamp comes to mind, giving you some extra light if you want to read in bed. Or, you can opt for a nice scented candle to set the mood or a reed diffuser.


It's entirely up to you, and one common styling idea is to pair your table with a nearby floor lamp. This way, you still have a reading light, but there's space on the table for something else instead - like a candle, picture frame or a small vase of flowers.


bedside table decor ideas


Contrast and complement the different colours in the room 

Use your table to contrast and complement some of the other colours in your bedroom. In particular, you want there to be a complement between the table and the bed itself. A good idea is to look at the bed head and find a table that goes really well with this.


If you have matching tables on either side of the bed, the colours compliment each other really well and almost help frame the bed.


Of course, you also have duvet colours, wallpaper, and the colour of other furniture in the room to think about. Effectively, the idea is that your tables don't stick out like a sore thumb or blend into the unknown.


They need to contrast with other colours in the room, yet still compliment them.




Add different textures

Another way of styling your bedside tables is to combine lots of different textures together.


This almost forces you to bring together an interesting collection of items, and the contrast in textures really adds something to the interior design of your bedroom.


Don’t be afraid to make bold choices when it comes to the table style either – bone inlay bedside tables are true statement pieces that add a lot of character - all on their own. This kind of décor element has the true power to single-handedly change the entire space.


For instance, combining things like glass, metal and wood is a clever idea. You can have glass ornaments or mirrors, plus a metal lamp, on a wooden table.


This brings a new dimension to your bedroom style, and you can replicate this throughout the space as well. Don't just mix textures on your tables, mix them all around the room.



The many faces of bedside table decor

Colour combinations and materials determine whether a product is a hit or miss. These, of course, differ a lot, but one thing remains quite consistent – there’s a specific design language. Some sort of inspiration behind the idea – even if there’s a very specific twist.


You’ve got your cabinets, oval tables tray tables, open-shape models as well as floating shelves, which are a popular choice for modern, minimalist spaces. Rattan tables will bring that touch of rustic elegance and tranquillity. Darker tones and simple lines will be the best choice for those looking for some urban sophistication.


There’s one more thing you should consider – and it’s your preferences. If you need a lot of storage space, something like our Astley model might be the right option for you. If you don’t really care about that, then 4 or 5 drawers won’t be necessary.


Style is important, just like coordinating, but don’t forget that the sole purpose of a bedside piece of furniture is mostly functional. Make your choice with that in mind.



Compose the items by following or breaking the rules

The way you organise or compose the items on your night table is extremely important. Throwing everything together on the table is never going to be a good idea. It just won't look good, and your table will soon become very cluttered.


Instead, you should follow a composition method that either adheres to the rules or breaks them completely. As far as following the rules goes, this basically refers to bedside table styling that seems quite normal or right.


For instance, follow the lines of the bedside cabinets on each side when placing your items. Or, keep everything at the same height/level. It leaves you with a very neat and uniform table area, which makes the rest of the room feel quite neat as well.


Nevertheless, you can also break the rules! This doesn't mean you go completely crazy, it just means you avoid being overly strict. Don't be afraid to mix heights on different sides of the table, creating a unique and stylish effect.


When you follow the rules, symmetry is key. However, you don't have to be completely symmetrical if that's not your style. It's okay to break the rules as it adds some contrast to the interior design of your bedroom.


Get creative with this as well - use books as stands for accessories like vases or a bowl to keep your keys/jewellery in. Depending on the style of your bedroom, you will prefer to either follow or break the rules.


 white bedside table with 2 drawers


Choose the right size

We’ve got some bad and good news here. There’s no easy answer when it comes to the perfect size, simply because it depends on the overall design of the entire room, including patterns and furniture as well as the size of your bed.


The good news is that there are no specific rules, despite what you might’ve heard. It’s all about proportions – just try to make sure you don’t have a huge bed and a comically small chair-like nightstand to match it.


It goes both ways, of course, a tiny bed with a massive cabinet proudly standing by its side. Ideally, it should not be higher than your mattress. Make sure it fits just right and more importantly – that you like it.



Don't overdo it

The biggest mistake you can make when learning how to decorate a night table is to assume that you need lots of stuff on the table. This couldn't be further from the truth! If anything, less is more. We've mentioned it a few times already, but you really don't want to clutter up your bedside tables.


It will make them look unsightly and overpopulated, transforming the aura of the room. Cluttered tables make the whole space feel more messy and cluttered, which isn't what you want.


Realistically, you only need a handful of things on each table. Think back to the first point on what to put on a nightstand - the items should be practical. Alongside this, you may choose one or two personal items. Just be sure there is enough space on your table to actually see the surface itself.


Also, one good tip is that you should never need to move anything on your table. It should be able to stay in place without causing any issues. When you start moving things around, it shows you're having to make space on the table, so there's too many items.



The two main things to take from this guide are that you need a nice table by your bedside, and that styling it is essential. When you learn how to style this table, it will compliment your entire interior decor and transform the way your bedroom looks.


Hopefully, this guide has given you plenty of bedside table inspo to go away and decorate yours perfectly! If you're looking for furniture or accessories to add to your room, feel free to check out the many ranges on our website.


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