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How to choose the best luxury sofa for your home

Choosing the perfect luxury sofa is a task you shouldn't rush. Much like any other piece of elegant home furniture, this is an investment in your interior design, but you also need a sofa that's comfortable. Why spend lots of money on something that looks luxurious but is a complete pain to sit on?

Thankfully, selecting the ideal sofa is a lot simpler than you think. You need to figure out what type of sofa you need, along with a few other vital pieces of information. So, the team at Eleganté has put together this easy guide to help you choose the best luxury sofa possible.


What are the different types of luxury sofas for sale?

Firstly, you can narrow down your search by understanding what type of sofa you can buy:


  • Three-seater sofas - With a three-seater, you have three seat and back cushions, with more than enough space for two people to sit on and stretch out. At the same time, you can comfortably sit three on one of these sofas with no comfort issues at all.


  • Four-seater - If you want something a bit bigger to fit more people (or to fit three people more comfortably) then a four-seater sofa is a great option.


  • Modular - Next, you have a modular sofa, which is characterised by its ability to be moved around and adjusted to work perfectly in your living space. Typically, you have a three or four-seater with an extra bit attached to the end, often creating a slight L-shape. However, you can move the added seat around as you wish, putting it on the very end to create a five-seater or any other style you like.


  • Chaise - A chaise sofa has an L-shaped design. The difference is that the very end seat is extended out longer than the rest. Hence, this is where the L-shape comes from. It gives one person extra space to stretch their legs and lie down, making it a highly luxurious and stylish option.


velvet sofa in navy



What are the different styles? 

Secondly, think about the particular style of the sofa. All of the categories above can fit into a specific style, and here are some for you to be aware of:


  • Tuxedo - This style gives you a sofa with arms that are the same height as the back. It's a very boxy design and used as a massive style statement. This design fits really well in more vintage living room designs.


  • Curved arms - Here, the arms of the sofa bend slightly and have a slight curve to them. The benefit of this is that it makes the sofa look a bit wider than it actually is. Not only that, but it gives it some extra style points and the arms can be quite comfortable to rest on.


  • Small arms - Next, we have small-armed sofas, which are characterised by arms that are much lower than the height of the sofa itself. This is the perfect style for an unimposing piece in a tighter space.


  • Slip cover - A slip cover sofa will include a protective cover that you can take on or off as you please. It’s designed to be easier for you to clean your sofa, as the cover can simply be put in the washing machine. You can also remove the cover and swap it out during seasonal changes for an interior design switch-up.


  • Tufted - Tufted sofas include buttons or stitches that are sewn in a particular pattern to create a very elegant look. It’s usually in a diamond shape, but different styles are available.


The best advice is to choose a style that will provide you with enough comfort for everyday use, while matching your interior design. If you have a coffee table next to your sofa where you keep drinks or other items, it is a good idea to choose either curved or small armed sofas as they're more practical.


What size is best, and how do you measure?

In all honesty, there isn't a 'best' size for a luxury sofa. It depends on a few factors:


  • How big is your living room?
  • How many people are in your family?
  • What other furniture will you have for people to sit on?


For most buyers, the main issue is the room size. Therefore, you need to learn how to measure for your new sofa. It's very easy, and here's a breakdown of the steps:


  1. Clear the space in your living room where you will place your new sofa
  2. Measure the largest width and length in this space - this will tell you the absolute biggest sofa you can fit
  3. Measure the depth as well, just to see how far out the sofa will jut into your living space


From here, you can actually move boxes or other things into this space to mimic your sofa and see how big it may look.

Then, it's just a case of looking online and finding sofas with dimensions that can fit in your space. Instantly, you will be able to filter out some of the options that are too big.


fabric sofa in neutral living room


What fabrics are available?

You can typically buy sofas in either leather, velvet, wool, cotton, linen, or polyester. Cotton, wool and linen are all-natural fibres, but linen sofas are the most durable and tend to be seen as the highest quality option of the three. It is very breathable and tends to stand up well against fading by sunlight.


Polyester is a synthetic fibre, which means it is incredibly durable and versatile. A lot of sofas are made out of this because the styles can be endless. Velvet is also synthetic, and while a velvet sofa is quite hard to maintain, it is definitely one of the most luxurious options out there.


Next, you have leather. This is a fantastic sofa material as it looks stunning, is easy to look after, and stands up well against pets and stains. If you have kids or animals, leather is by far and away the best choice. It’s very easy to wipe spills from a leather sofa before stains set in, and it won’t attract dust or pet hair, so there’s less of an allergy risk.


The key when picking your fabric is to look at the quality of the materials. Never opt for something cheap as that is what you will end up getting.


If you want a sofa that looks good and lasts, it has to be made from quality materials.



What is the best filling?

Most luxury sofas for sale are filled with either foam or feather. Foam filling is popular as it offers a firm seat and makes the sofa look a bit more structured and stylish. However, some lower quality options do lose a significant amount of firmness within the first 6 months, so keep that in mind.


Feather-filled sofas are definitely more of a luxury option. They are softer to sit on and can last for a long time when properly maintained.


Ultimately, the choice is between a firm sofa or a soft one - make your pick depending on your preference.



What are the frame and warranty details?

What is the sofa frame made out of, and what warranty is included? Hardwood frames are typically the longest lasting and most premium option to choose. However, you can also get steel frames as well. The frame and fabric will often have different warranty lengths so bare this in mind when making comparisons.


Naturally, the ideal luxury sofa will come with a high quality frame and a lengthy warranty. So, keep both of these in mind when you're searching for the item of your dreams.



How do you keep a sofa like new?

Once you've bought your sofa, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Buying a protective fabric coating is definitely going to be a worthy investment. This will prevent issues like fading, scratches and stains.


Also, yearly dry cleaning is recommended to keep your sofa fresh. After all, you've invested a lot of money in a luxury sofa, so ensure that it stays in tip-top shape.



Weigh up all of these points before heading out and finding your dream luxury sofa.

One last thing to note, your sofa should be made using the finest materials - ideally as local as possible. All of the sofas for sale by Eleganté are proudly made in Australia. This ensures they are always of the highest quality.

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Take a look at our range of sofas to find your perfect match.


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