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Stunning coffee table styling ideas & inspiration

Few elegant furniture pieces can impact the look, feel, and function of your living spaces quite like the perfect coffee table.

It creates an aesthetic focal point in your living room seating area while simultaneously storing books, flowers, and other features that can bring your home to life with the personality that your family deserves.

The great thing about this furniture piece is that it has the versatility to suit any style of living room, regardless of period or colour scheme.

With so many great coffee tables currently on the market, the possibilities are endless. While selecting the right table is essential, styling plays an integral role too.

Here are six inspired ideas for 2021 and beyond.


1. Keeping it simple

Sometimes, you cannot beat the concept that less is more. As such, a plain white marble coffee table is often one of the best options to make a real statement.

It may be matched to other nearby furniture pieces like side tables. Alternatively, if you have an open living room and dining space, it may match the dining table.

When using a luxurious white table, you can gain maximum impact by leaving the surface clear. This works wonders for a natural and neutral home atmosphere.

The bold statement is supported further by the fact it reflects the light to make your living spaces look larger too.

Whether looking for an all-white lounge or a black and white design, the results are incredible.


white marble coffee table


2. Proportional styling

Size matters, not least when it comes to dressing your coffee table. If you have a solid table that incorporates two shelves, you will want to ensure that the items placed on both surfaces find the right balance between getting lost and overwhelming the space.

When it’s just right, books and similar goods can make a big statement without detracting from the table itself.

Proportional styling should also ensure that the shape comes into play. When you have a rounded table, looking for rounded vases can be ideal.

If you have a centrepiece like a plant, any decorative pieces (candles, books, etc.) used to flank the focal point should be built to the same height.

Otherwise, the overall aesthetic can look disjointed and unorganised.


 3. Accessorise with colour in mind 

When opting for a wooden coffee table like the Oasis Rattan, it’s likely that the material itself will contrast your sofa.

However, the styling accessories can match the colour schemes with ease. Vases, ornaments, and table decorations can be the same colour as your scatter cushions, or matched to the tone of your curtains and wall artwork. It creates a striking style.

It’s bold, contemporary, and shows that you’ve planned the living room interior design in detail. In most cases, matching the colour of accessories to the rug is ill advised as it can be too overpowering and make the coffee table itself feel a little lost and dwarfed.

The burst of personality is particularly useful when you’ve opted for neutral hues throughout the room’s main pieces.


coffee table decor ideas


4. Build a nest

Unorganised clutter is a massive no go. However, when you have Cocktail Gold Nesting Coffee Table, the versatility of layout allows you to create striking aesthetics that look great from every angle.

You can play with the contrasting heights offered by the three individual pieces. Keeping the idea of proportions in mind, you can keep the biggest statement pieces for the main table.

The supplementary coffee tables can include smaller accessories. Bonsai trees, wooden fruit bowls, and incense sticks are all examples of building the natural tones.

In addition to thinking about the aesthetic elements, practical decisions like keeping one surface reserved for tumblers and wine glasses ensure that the room remains suited to daily life.


5. Stack and cover

The idea of scattering books or magazines across the table will send shivers down the spine. Conversely, you don’t want to stack them all in one huge pile.

Find a happy medium by building two or three piles before topping them with vases, bowls, or other items that can be quickly removed to gain access to the books. You may wish to leave your current book uncovered.

Books aren’t the only option. You can stack a host of items, from placemats or bowls on the table. Unique shapes and ceramics are also ideal. Think about the materials you are working with. A glass table with a metal framework will be best suited to similar items. 

It is an inspired look when the coffee table design is supported by your lighting fixtures and other living room decor products.


glass nesting coffee table


6. Utilise a tray

Versatility is often king. A tray may be the simplest addition you ever make, but it can change everything in relation to coffee table styling.

When you have a rectangle coffee table set, a rectangular tray can be used in conjunction with other square and rectangular table decorations and items to create a sophisticated geometric masterpiece.

Colour schemes can either blend well or create a distinct and eye-catching contrast. In fact, by having multiple trays in your home, you’ll be able to keep things fresh and exciting time and time again.

Or you can create an inception by using small square plates inside the tray. Either way, the practical nature of the tray is ideal for families or when hosting. It also picks up spills.


The final word

Finding the right table for your living room means thinking about the dimensions and layout of the room, as well as the general interior design styling.

However, the coffee table itself needs a little support. Whether using books, plants, ornaments, or other decorative accessories, the key is to always maintain a sense of organisation and a certain feng shui.

When you blend the right coffee table with practical and eye-catching styling, it will become the centrepiece of your daily home life.

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or want to give an outdated living area a new lease of life, this is the greatest solution at your disposal.


Get the transformation started by finding your dream coffee table today. View our coffee tables collection.


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