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The ultimate guide on how to decorate a luxury living room

Your living room is an integral part of your home. It’s one of your most-used spaces, bringing everyone together in a place designed for relaxing and entertaining.

As one of the most prominent spaces in your home, it deserves a special touch, adding luxury and elegance for a distinctive space. Best way to do it is with elegant furniture. But there’s more to it. The perfect living room needs to balance function and style while also bringing your own unique tastes into the mix.

Use the following tips to help you decorate a luxury living room that’s the perfect fit for your home.


Embrace the new neutral

Neutral shades will always be a classic choice for any living room. Neutral tones such as beige and grey keep a room light and airy, adding to the feel of space.


But instead of your classic magnolia and grey tones, it’s time to embrace the new neutrals. Shades of greige, warm white and taupe are proving very popular at the moment, creating a compelling look that’s influenced by Scandinavian design and a desire for clean, modern spaces.


Neutral shades provide a blank canvas for adding colours and textures to bring your living space to life.


Using wallpaper is another way to add interest to your walls and can either be used on a feature wall or across your space, adding textures and patterns to create a traditional living room look.


Will you go modern or traditional? 

The classic luxury drawing room is a timeless style that is often admired and recreated. Featuring vintage-inspired details, traditional living rooms benefit from details like bay windows, wall panelling, grand chandeliers and more.


Classic living rooms feature stylish details with elegant fabrics. Tufted details on sofas and occasional chairs make a beautiful addition, adding just the right amount of texture to your luxury lounge room.


luxury lounge room


Modern luxury living spaces are very open, with big windows and a serene vibe created with clean furniture and minimal detailing.


Modular sofas help add interest to a space, creating a much more relaxed atmosphere that still adds a touch of class.


Let’s not forget that this trend of opting for big, open spaces often involves turning a living room into a multipurpose space – like a dining room or even a kitchen. There are no clear boundaries or lines indicating where one ends and the other begins.


This comes with another array of stylistic considerations, as we have to think about coordinating these – let’s be honest – two rooms as one, unified space. A set of luxury home furniture should be matched with similar kitchen décor pieces, like slick and elegant modern kitchen stools, for example.


This is what makes it tricky, as kitchens serve a more utilitarian purpose, and living rooms combine decorative and aesthetic goals. Mix and match stylistically cohesive pieces to make this little puzzle work and you’ll be fine.


Choose statement flooring 

Flooring is often overlooked in favour of wall colours and furniture styles, but it can make a significant difference to the look and feel of your home. In your living space, statement flooring can give the impression of grandeur, tying your room together.


If you’re going to choose carpet, opt for a style that is low maintenance and a low pile - anything too bouncy will be dented easily by living room furniture.


Lighter colours add a luxe feel, but they are also prone to staining and may not be suitable if you have children, pets or entertain frequently.


Wooden floors are not only a practical flooring solution; they make an excellent impression. Adding warmth and detail to a room, they add a neutral element to your space.


For a truly luxurious touch, marble flooring is the epitome of elegance. High-quality marble has a supreme shine and adds character, creating an exciting feature in a modern home or enhancing classic features in a more traditional property.


Whichever flooring option you choose, a rug could be just what you need to dress up your space and tie your look together.


Perfect your furniture layout 

One of the things that give a living space a luxurious edge is the layout. A space that’s been thought out carefully will ensure there are defined areas that highlight the multi-functionality of your living room.


One of the best ways to start arranging your layout is to begin with a coffee table. Our White Marble Square Coffee Table is a fine example of a classic square coffee table that can become the centre point of your room.


Your main seating can be positioned around your table, while occasional chairs and other furniture can be kept a little further away.


 living room furniture



Get your lighting right

Lighting is another decor element that can feel insignificant but can make a big difference to the overall look of your home. If you’re styling a classic living room, a chandelier makes a beautiful feature, instantly adding a luxury touch.


black chandelier


Modern living rooms make the most of pendant style lighting, which creates a modern and sometimes industrial-style look. A pendant light can be more subtle in a contemporary home but still adds interest to a space.


Remember that table lamps and floor lamps can also add some additional mood lighting while also adding some decorative interest.


living room ideas - lighting



Get creative with those finishing touches

Accessories and textiles are the perfect way to add finishing touches to your living room. This is where you can bring some of your own personal style into the fold, creating beautiful tablescapes and more that add character to your home.


luxury drawing room


Vases, lamps and plant pots are simple but effective for adding a bit of colour and detail to your living room. Our Saint Temple Jar (pictured above) is a wonderful example of a vintage-inspired piece that brings a more traditional touch to the decor.


Candles are also a must for your luxury lounge room, adding colour during the day but warming a room by nightfall.


In more modern homes, accessories should be kept minimal to create an uncluttered look. Keep your coffee table layout simple with a tray, some candles and a coffee book or two to add some interest.


Art can also elevate your living room to a more luxurious space. Choose pieces that blend with your existing decor to keep the flow of your room consistent. You can check out the art we have available here.


Your living room is one of the most interesting spaces in your home, so, understandably, you’ll want to make the right impression. Using the tips above and other inspiration for living room ideas you’ve found for your home, you can create a living room that has the ‘wow’ factor, ready to dazzle anyone who walks through your door.


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