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Square Marble Coffee Table - White

$2,200.00 $4,500.00

Square White Marble Plinth Coffee Table.

This stunning low-line Plinth Coffee Table is clad in White Banswara Marble with a subtle Gold/Brass inset bass to give it a floating effect.

The perfect complement piece to any living room or sitting area, its square solid-block styling reveals the natural beauty of real marble in its truest form.

Set in Stone

Nothing says timeless like stone – and not just any stone. This square coffee table is made of the most luxurious type known to mankind – marble. It represents class, durability and power. Black natural lines, also called veins, are unique to every piece and as such, they bring a certain level of individual flair, while the natural allure of marble does the rest. This is the kind of piece you get once in your lifetime. Simple, yet elegant. Classic, yet luxurious. Quality of the highest order and a stunning addition to virtually any space. Experience the marvel of the marble yourself.


Up in the Air

There’s no denying this square marble coffee table is a statement piece that has a certain weight to it – figuratively and literally. Even though it’s such a harmonious piece with seamless transitions between the lines, there’s one glaring detail, bringing a certain level of contrast within the design. This absolute mountain of a table appears to be floating up in the air, in this gravity-defying formula. The secret lies behind an inset bass in a mix of gold and brass subtly placed below the marble tabletop, providing that cloud-like quality.


Modern Classic

Simple form and clear, uncomplicated lines are a hallmark of this low-line marble plinth coffee table. And yet the level of details paired up with a harmonious integration of all the elements make it a mesmerizing piece – proof that even something as seemingly insignificant as the coffee table has the power to light up virtually any space. Marble is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Plinth design draws from classical inspirations - but this piece is so much more than that. This timeless form and materials are masterfully combined to create a perfect balance between tradition and contemporary style. A true modern classic.

This piece is made almost entirely out of luxurious Banswara marble, which is why it’s quite heavy. The only exception is the brass inset. It’s also quite compact, making it easy to integrate with any room – even when space is very limited or scarce.

Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 35cm (width x depth x height - including base)

Made from solid Banswara Marble & very heavy at approx. 150kg

Marble is a luxury material and to keep it looking that way, there are certain rules that need to be followed. It’s organically porous, which means it stains easily, and quite soft, which makes it more susceptible to chemicals compared to other types of stones. The fact that it’s a functional piece (coffee table) makes proper care even more important. Any spills or crumbs should be cleaned immediately with a lightly dampened cloth and then wiped with a dry one. Coasters and mats are the safest bet to avoid any issues. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not advisable to use chemicals – that means general-purpose or bathroom cleaners, descaling solutions, bleach, ammonia, vinegar and acid-based cleaners. The good news is that even if the surface does get damaged or stained, it’s not that hard to restore it.

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Eleganté Tip

You can’t be called a modern classic and not live up to the name. And this low-line square marble coffee table is a perfect example. Simple lines and timeless design make it the ultimate accessory to your living space. White goes well with any colour on its own, and marble helps introduce a healthy dose of sophistication. It will work in Art Deco or glamour-inspired spaces, but also contemporary, minimalist homes. Consider something classy and elegant, like the Columbo mirror – especially if you’re planning on adding this coffee table to your bedroom decor. The simplicity of the marble table is perfectly complemented by the grandeur and strong frame of the standing mirror. This Huxley bone inlay bedside
– a true tribute to Art Deco design – features a perfectly matching colour palette to your brand-new marble plinth coffee table.

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